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NextGen Information


PLEASE NOTE: Electronic filers will not be able to file in NextGen if they have not obtained an individual PACER account and/or updated their account as required.

Please visit this page regularly for important information and required action.

Countdown to next generation CM/ECF (NextGen) going live on October 12, 2021.



What is NextGen, Why the Migration, and Frequently Asked Questions

NextGen is a filing system fully integrated with PACER. The two systems are linked by a module called Central Sign-On, which provides public electronic filers to sign in to any NextGen court using one login and password. No more individual CM/ECF logins for each court!

  • As of August 15, 2021, there are 150 courts live on NextGen, and another 32 courts are scheduled to go live. By early 2022, all federal courts will be live on NextGen.
  • Shared PACER accounts may not be used once a court has migrated to NextGen. Each individual user must have his/her own PACER account, including filing agents.
  • If you are an e-filer in a court that is already live on NextGen (i.e., 11th Circuit Court of Appeals or Southern District of Georgia District Court) you already completed the necessary steps to upgrade your PACER account, so some of the work is already done.

NextGen Frequently Asked Questions (this link will take you to the NextGen Training FAQ page of the PACER Service Center).

Central Sign-On Frequently Asked Questions


What You Should Do NOW

  • You must have your own individual PACER account. If you do not have a PACER account, you must register for one at BEFORE the Court upgrades to NextGen on October 12, 2021. Shared PACER accounts cannot be used for filing once the Court has upgraded.

          How to Register for a PACER Account (Attorney Filers)

          How to Register for a PACER Account (Filing Agents)

          How to Register for a PACER Account (Non-Attorney Filers)

  • You must have an upgraded PACER account. A key feature of NextGen is the new log on module that allows you to use your PACER account login information to access any NextGen court. This module requires that you have an upgraded PACER account. PACER accounts created after August 2014 are already upgraded. To upgrade your PACER account or to check to see if it has already been upgraded, follow these instructions:

          Pacer Learning Aid - How to Upgrade a PACER Account

  • You must know your current CM/ECF login and password. If your login information is stored in your browser it will be lost and not recoverable. Once the Court upgrades, you must link your existing CM/ECF account(s) to your upgraded PACER account(s) for Central Sign-On. If you do not know your CM/ECF login or password, please use the password reset feature from the CM/ECF login page at:
  • Does your organization need a Firm Billing Account (also known as a PACER Administrative Account)? Groups such as law firms, financial organizations, and educational or research institutions can set up a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) to manage all of their user accounts and have central billing for PACER access fees.

          PACER Administrative Account (PAA) Basics

          PACER Administrative Account (PAA) User Manual

          Register for a Firm Billing Account

  • You must link your upgraded PACER account to your current GASB CM/ECF account. Users will NOT be able to file in NextGen until their CM/ECF accounts are linked to their upgraded individual PACER accounts. You will need your current CM/ECF login and password in order to link your PACER account to your existing CM/ECF account.




The Southern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court hosted a virtual training session for attorneys, trustees, filing agents, and limited filers on Thursday, August 26, 2021 PM (EST). Click on the links below to view the powerpoint presentation and recording.

NextGen for Public Users - Powerpoint Presentation

NextGen for Public Users - Powerpoint Presentation with Recording


There are several Electronic Learning Modules (ELMs) available at:


Questions or Need More Information?

For more information on the improvements and the upgrade process, please visit Questions can be directed to the Court’s helpdesk at 912-650-4100 or via email by clicking HERE.