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Filing Agents

E-Filing for Filing Agents

Attorneys and trustees can add employees who file on behalf of them as Filing Agents in CM/ECF. Each Filing Agent must have his/her own individual PACER account. A Filing Agent may be linked to multiple attorneys and trustees, and attorneys and trustees may have multiple filing agents.

When a Filing Agent files on behalf of the attorney or trustee, the docket text shows the attorney's or trustee's name. Although for PACER the Filing Agent must supply an email address to the PACER Service Center and will thus have a primary email recorded in CM/ECF, the Filing Agent will not receive email notifications from CM/ECF. The attorney or trustee can place the Filing Agent's email address in the "Send notices to these additional addresses" section of the attorney or trustee's email record in CM/ECF if the attorney or trustee wants the Filing Agent to receive email notifications.


Process for Filing Agents

  1. Upgrade a current PACER account or register for an upgraded PACER account. Filing Agents MUST register in PACER under Non-Attorney E-File Registration.
  2. Request e-filing privileges with the Court through PACER, or if you already have an ECF login and password, link your ECF account to your PACER account.
  3. The attorney or trustee must link the Filing Agent to the attorney/trustee's ECF account. Note: if an attorney or trustee had Filing Agents prior to NextGen, the Filing Agent is already linked to their ECF account. The attorney/trustee will only need to modify the Filing Agent's permissions.


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