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Rule 5003(e) - Register of Mailing Addresses

Notice of Establishment of Register to Maintain Mailing Addresses of Federal, State and Local Governmental Units Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 5003(e)

Bankruptcy Rule 5003(e) permits governmental units of the United States and the state in which the court is located to submit to the clerk of court a statement designating mailing addresses for notice purposes. The Rule also permits the registration of addresses designated by federal, state, and local governmental taxing authorities under 11 USC § 505.

The clerk of court will maintain a public register of submitted mailing addresses. Although not required, the clerk also will include addresses submitted by municipalities or other local governmental units. Failure of a debtor, attorney for a debtor, and other parties to use a mailing address listed in the register does not invalidate any notice that is otherwise effective under applicable law.  Click here to view the entire notice.