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General Orders


Order Appointing Acting Clerk for the United States Bankruptcy Court Order Appointing Acting Clerk of United States Bankruptcy Court effective July 1, 2023
Order Setting Expiration Date for Administrative Order 2020-2 Order Setting Expiration Date of Wednesday, May 10, 2023 for Administrative Order 2020-2
General Order 2022-1 Negative Notice Procedures (click here to view negative notice pdf
General Order 2020-2.

Regarding Temporary CARES Act Changes to Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1020

Order Extending Administrative Order 2020-2.

Order Extending Administrative Order 2020-2 indefinitely until further order of the Court

Administrative Order 2020-2.

Temporary Modification of General Order 2016-2 and Its Accompanying Procedures & CM/ECF Local Rules through and including April 10, 2020

Amended Administrative Order 2020-1. Resetting §341 Meeting of Creditors and Extending Certain Deadlines
General Order 2020-1. Order Regarding Interim Bankruptcy Rules Implementing the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019
Administrative Order 2018-3. Continuance of Bankruptcy Matters in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Georgia Due to Lapse in Federal Funding
General Order 2017-4. Order Addressing Chapter 13 Trustee's Motion to Confirm Plan as Amended and
Post-Confirmation Modifications (Vacates General Order 1997-2)
General Order 2017-3. Order Adopting Local Chapter 13 Plan (This General Order vacates General Order 2005-3. The following General Orders remain vacated: General Orders 1994-12, 1995-2, 1996-2, 1997-1, and 2001-1.)
General Order 2017-2. Order on Compensation of Debtor's Attorneys in Chapter 13 Cases (Vacates General Order 2010-3 filed December 22, 2010)
General Order 2017-1. Order on Motion for Relief from Stay (Vacating General Order 2013-2)
General Order 2016-2. Electronic Case Files and Administrative Procedures (Vacating General Order 2010-1) (includes exhibits)
General Order 2016-1. Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds (This General Order supercedes and abrogates all prior orders of this Court regarding the deposit and investment of registry funds, including General Order 2012-2.)
Administrative Order 2016-1. Inaccessibility of Clerk's Office During Hurricane Matthew
General Order 2015-5. Order Requiring Payment of Chapter 13 Filing Fees Directly to Clerk and Order Vacating General Order 1995-3
General Order 2015-4. Amended Order Regarding Lease and Adequate Protection Payments and Order Vacating General Order 2005-5
General Order 2015-3. Discharge Requirements (Vacates General Order 2007-8 filed October 17, 2007)
General Order 2015-2. Automatic Dismissals (Vacates General Order 2007-5 filed March 2, 2007)

General Order 2015-1.

This General Order establishes revisions to Clerk's Office procedures for the filing of creditor mailing matrices, schedules, and statements. (Vacates General Order 2005-4 dated August 23, 2005)
General Order 2013-1. Debtor’s employer will act on the Trustee’s Notice to Commence Withholding as provided for in this Order. (Vacates General Order 2007-2 filed March 2, 2007)
General Order 2012-1. Implementing Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3002.1
General Order 2010-2. Order Permitting Chapter 13 Trustee to Approve Real Estate Loan Modification and the Incurring of Debt
General Order 2009-1. Order Amending Time Deadlines in Local Rules and General Orders
General Order 2008-3. Regarding Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I and Amended Bankruptcy Form 22A
General Order 2008-2. (Vacates General Order 2005-2)
General Order 2007-7. (Amended per General Order 2009-1) Order Extending Time to File Notice of Intent to Request Redaction and Statement of Redaction
General Order 2007-3. Duty of Debtor(s) to Provide Tax Returns
General Order 2007-1. Petitions Filed Without Filing Fees
Administrative Order 2004-1(S). IN RE: Matters of Chapter 13 Case Administration
General Order 2003-1. ... it is hereby ORDERED that unless the notice of hearing provides to the contrary, all hearings before the court are evidentiary hearings at which witnesses may testify.
General Order 1997-3. Regarding Chapter 13 Trustee's Report
General Order 1995-5. Procedures for Requests for Leave of Absence by Attorneys; **Please note that all requests for leave of absence should be directed to Courtroom Deputy Jacqueline Bauknight at**