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General Orders


General Order 2020-2.

Regarding Temporary CARES Act Changes to Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1020

Order Extending Administrative Order 2020-2.

Order Extending Administrative Order 2020-2 indefinitely until further order of the Court

Administrative Order 2020-2.

Temporary Modification of General Order 2016-2 and Its Accompanying Procedures & CM/ECF Local Rules through and including April 10, 2020

Amended Administrative Order 2020-1. Resetting §341 Meeting of Creditors and Extending Certain Deadlines
General Order 2020-1. Order Regarding Interim Bankruptcy Rules Implementing the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019
Administrative Order 2018-3. Continuance of Bankruptcy Matters in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Georgia Due to Lapse in Federal Funding
General Order 2017-4. Order Addressing Chapter 13 Trustee's Motion To Confirm Plan As Amended and
Post-Confirmation Modifications (This General Order vacates General Order 1997-2)
General Order 2017-3. Order Adopting Local Chapter 13 Plan (This General Order vacates General Order 2005-3. The following General Orders remain vacated: General Orders 1994-12, 1995-2, 1996-2, 1997-1, and 2001-1.)
General Order 2017-2. Order on Compensation of Debtor's Attorneys in Chapter 13 Cases (Vacates General Order 2010-3, filed December 22, 2010)
General Order 2017-1. Order on Motion for Relief from Stay (Vacating General Order 2013-2)
General Order 2016-2. Electronic Case Files and Administrative Procedures (Vacating General Order 2010-1) (includes exhibits)
General Order 2016-1. Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds
Administrative Order 2016-1. Inaccessibility of Clerk's Office During Hurricane Matthew
General Order 2015-5. Order Requiring Payment of Chapter 13 Filing Fees Directly to Clerk and Order Vacating General Order 1995-3
General Order 2015-4. Amended Order Regarding Lease and Adequate Protection Payments and Order Vacating General Order 2005-5
General Order 2015-3. Discharge Requirements
General Order 2015-2. Automatic Dismissals

General Order 2015-1.

This General Order establishes revisions to Clerk's Office procedures for the filing of creditor mailing matrices, schedules, and statements.
General Order 2013-1. Debtor’s employer will act on the Trustee’s Notice to Commence Withholding as provided for in this Order.
General Order 2012-1. Implementing Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3002.1
General Order 2010-2. Order Permitting Chapter 13 Trustee to Approve Real Estate Loan Modification and the Incurring of Debt
General Order 2009-1. Order Amending Time Deadlines in Local Rules and General Orders
General Order 2008-3. Regarding Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I and Amended Bankruptcy Form 22A
General Order 2008-2. (vacates General Order 2005-2)
General Order 2007-7. (Amended per General Order 2009-1). Order Extending Time to File Notice of Intent to Request Redaction and Statement of Redaction
General Order 2007-3. Duty of Debtor(s) to Provide Tax Returns
General Order 2007-1. Petitions Filed Without Filing Fees
Amended General Order 2005-1. [Negative Notice Procedures]. (posted Apr. 25, 2005; This order amends General Order 2005-1 establishing negative notice procedures for certain pleadings.)
General Order 2005-1. ( Amended per General Order 2009-1 and amended per Amended General Order 2005-1). [Negative Notice Procedures]
Administrative Order 2004-1(S). IN RE: Matters of Chapter 13 Case Administration
General Order 2003-1. ... it is hereby ORDERED that unless the notice of hearing provides to the contrary, all hearings before the court are evidentiary hearings at which witnesses may testify.
General Order 1997-3. [Chapter 13 Trustee's Report].
General Order 1995-5. [Leaves of Absence].