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Employment Opportunities with the Bankruptcy Court

Vacancy Announcement 2018, Law Clerk to the Honorable Michele J. Kim - Brunswick, GA

This position is open until filled.


Vacancy Announcement 2018-5, Case Administrator - Augusta, Georgia

Vacancy Announcement 2018-6, Case Administrator - Savannah, Georgia

Vacancy Announcement 2018-7, Case Administrator - Brunswick, Georgia

The above vacancy announcements are open until filled. Applications received prior to July 9, 2018 will receive priority consideration. More than one position may be filled from each of these vacancy announcements.


Vacancy Announcement 2018-8, Deputy In Charge - Augusta, Georgia

The above vacancy announcement is open until filled.  To ensure consideration, applications should be received by August 31, 2018.


* All job applicants must also submit an AO_078 Application with their application/resume.