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Notice of Increased Exemptions

O.C.G.A. section 44-13-100(a)(1) was amended when Senate Bill 117 was signed by the governor on May 2, 2012. The Bill increases the residential real estate exemption for an individual debtor to $21,500.00 and $43,000.00 for married debtors.

The following are the authors of the bill which includes some of our own attorneys from the Southern District of Georgia:

Stone, Jesse 23rd; Davis ,Hardie 22nd; Ligon, Jr.,William 3rd; Seabaugh Mitch 28th; Carter, Jason 42nd; Mullis, Jeff 53rd;, Millar, Fran 40th; Jeffares, Rick 17th; McKoon, Joshua 29th, Unterman, Renee 45th; Jackson, Bill 24th;Tolleson ,Ross 20th; Albers, John 56th; Grant, Johnny 25th; Miller, Butch 49th; Carter, Earl Buddy 1st; Shafer, David 48th; Cowsert, Bill 46th; Orrock, Nan 36th; Ginn, Frank 47th; Hill, Judson 32nd; Butterworth, Jim 50th; Rogers, Chip 21st; Bethel, Charlie 54th