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Public Notice Regarding the United States Trustee Program's New Chapter 11 Monthly Operating Reports/Post-Confirmation Reports (Effective June 21, 2021)

Thursday, June 24, 2021

The new forms required by the United States Trustee Program for Chapter 11 Monthly Operating Reports and Post-Confirmation Reports may be viewed here, or by clicking Forms > Ch 11 Operating Reports Effective June 21, 2021 from the main menu of this website.


Two new CM/ECF events and one updated CM/ECF event are now available in the CM/ECF database for the Georgia Southern Bankruptcy Court:

1. New event: Bankruptcy > Misc > Chapter 11 Monthly Operating Report (UST Form 11-MOR)

2. New event: Bankruptcy > Misc > Chapter 11 Post-Confirmation Report

3. Updated event: Bankruptcy > Misc > Operating Report